Crystal oscillator assembly and laser welding machine.
Precision link conveyor battery pack assembly machine.
Automation Solutions project engineers evaluate total custom requirements to formulate the optimum automation concept. Each project is unique and incorporates a variety of product handling techniques including,
  • multi station rotary indexers.
  • precision linear indexing link conveyors.
  • slat, belt and roller conveyors.
  • coded pallet conveyors.
  • robotic and pneumatic pick and place.

100% quality inspection systems have been included in automation projects including,

  • vision inspection.
  • leak testing.
  • force measurement.
  • mechanical function testing.
  • electrical function testing.

Specialised product assembly techniques have been utilised in projects including,

  • resistance, ultrasonic and laser welding.
  • adhesive product application.
  • reflow soldering.
  • laser engraving.

Click on the links below to view videos of a sample of custom automation systems designed and manufactured by Automation Solutions.